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Council has endorsed the public exhibition of the draft Land and Property Strategy and Policy (LAPS).

About the strategy

The Land and Property Strategy and Policy is a framework that includes: audited and benchmarked asset register, a policy, four principles and strategic actions delivered over four years, Implementation Action Plans and a ten year Strategic Property Program.

The Land and Property Strategy aims to:

  • Provide a framework to ensure equity, consistency, accountability and transparency in Council’s property asset decision making
  • Ensure the assets are being properly managed and protected for the long term best interests of the community
  • Provide a sound basis to achieve a sustainable property portfolio, generating positive community outcomes by developing and enhancing community capacity
  • Guide future investment and resource allocation decisions associated with Council-owned and operated property assets to meet the diverse and evolving needs of the local community
  • Ensure Council is able to undertake property asset management activities in accordance with its statutory obligations and best practice principles.
  • Support and deliver the outcomes from the Community Strategic Plan and other strategic plans and programs

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Have your say

You are invited to provide feedback on the draft Land and Property Strategy and Policy policy.

  • Online, using the Draft Land and Property Strategy and Policy submission form
  • By mail, to Inner West Council, PO Box 14, Petersham 2049. Please mark your submission 'LAPS submissions Ref: Trim19/6465

Last day to provide feedback is 20 March 2019

What happens next?

The feedback received will be incorporated into the final strategy and policy which will be considered by Council for adoption. All those who provided feedback will be advised when the policy will be considered by Council.