Council is seeking community feedback on a fee waiver proposal to make it easier for pub operators to set up ‘Dog Welcome Zones’ in outdoor dining areas such as footpath dining, courtyards or beer gardens.

Dog ownership is high in the inner west and many residents like to take their dog with them on a visit to the local pub. Under State Government legislation, dogs (except assistance dogs) are not permitted inside pubs where food or beverages are served.

Council is supporting dog owners and publicans by proposing to waive fees associated with establishing dog welcome zones in pubs' outdoor areas. You are invited to comment on the proposal, which if adopted would amend Council's 2017/2018 Fees and Charges.

More information

Read the background report to Council - Item 4 at Council's 12 December 2017 meeting.

View the Schedule of Proposed Amendments.

Have your say

Complete a submission form to provide your comments. The last day to make a submission is Wednesday 28 March 2018.

Next steps

All feedback will be reported to Council at a subsequent meeting. Council will decide whether to adopt the proposed amendment to the Fees and Charges 2017/18. The decision will be published in a news item below.


Do you support the proposed fee waiver for the establishment of new Dog Welcome Zones? Required

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