Project updates

Project details

Council is proposing to introduce a number of changes to Denison Road to reduce speeding and rat running. These include:

  • Changing the intersection priority at Dulwich Street and Piggot Street;
  • Introducing a morning peak ‘No Left Turn’ restriction at the intersection of Denison Road and New Canterbury Road; and
  • Replacing the existing speed hump in front of 141, 143, 152 and 152A Denison Road with a one lane slow point.

The proposed changes are recommendations from the North Dulwich Hill Local Area Traffic Management Plan which was endorsed by Council in October 2017, following a period of community engagement.

The plan

The proposed works include:

  • Introducing ‘Stop’ signs and line markings on Denison Road to give priority to traffic on Dulwich Street and Piggot Street
  • Removing the existing raised threshold in front of 141, 143, 152 and 152A Denison Road and installing a one lane slow point
  • Constructing landscaped kerb blisters on either side of the slow point
  • Painting new edge and centre line markings
  • Installing associated signage, replacing any damaged signs and repairing faded road markings.
  • Painting new cycle symbols.

Have your say

Give us your feedback on the draft plan by completing the form below. The last day for feedback is Wednesday 21 March 2018.

What happens next?

All comments will be included in a report which the Local Traffic Committee will consider at a meeting on 10 April 2018. The recommendations from the Committee will then be considered by Council at a meeting on 24 April 2018.

The works are planned for this financial year, depending on the outcome of the engagement process, final approvals and funding allocations. Residents will be notified of a commencement date for any proposed works.