Project updates

Project details

Council is seeking resident feedback on potential pedestrian and traffic calming treatments along
Croydon Road between Elizabeth Street and Parramatta Road, Croydon.


Following representations from residents requesting improved pedestrian and traffic conditions
along Croydon Road, Croydon, a local area traffic management scheme has been developed for
consideration. Options for the alternate treatment of the Church Street/Croydon Road intersection
have also been developed given an initial proposal for a roundabout has proven not to be feasible
due to the shape of the existing intersection.

Proposed treatments

Council is proposing crossover points for pedestrians, and traffic calming treatments along Croydon Road and some side streets near their intersections with Croydon Road at nine (9) locations.

The proposed treatments will help residents cross Croydon Road for example to schools and parks, and improve intersection safety while minimising the impact on parking. These include:

  • Improved designated crossover points with pedestrian refuges or road narrowing devices
  • Speed cushions at various intersections to reduce vehicular speeds
  • Traffic calming devices at some side street intersections with Croydon Road to control traffic and speeding on approach to the intersections
  • Two options to improve the intersection of Church Street and Croydon Road

Croydon Road and Church Street intersection (LOCATION 7)

OPTION ONE: new right turn lane

  • New lane in Church Street (east of Croydon Road) to assist turning vehicles.

OPTION TWO: retain existing lanes

  • Church Street retains one lane in each direction with improved signage and line marking.

  • Removal of parking spaces (11)
  • Street tree removal on Church Street
  • Footpath narrowing on Church Street

  • Removal of parking spaces (9)
Improvements will:

  • Reduce delays for westbound Church Street traffic on eastern approach to Croydon Road
  • Increase sight lines to approaching traffic in
    Croydon Road
  • Reduce southbound vehicular speed in Croydon Road
Improvements will:

  • Increase in sight lines for westbound Church Street traffic at Croydon Road
  • Reduce southbound vehicular speed in Croydon Road

Both options improve sight distance for westbound traffic in Church St at Croydon Road:

  • Removal of parking near the intersection on both Church Street and Croydon Road(to improve visibility and allow large vehicles to manoeuvre)
  • New speed hump on Croydon Road, north of Church Street, to reduce southbound traffic speed

Have your say

Your are invited to tell Council whether you support the proposed treatments along Croydon Road, and which option you prefer for the intersection at Church Street.

  • Online by using the submission form below
  • In writing to: Inner West Council, PO Box 14, Petersham, NSW 2049. Reference - TRIM SC1732

Comments close on Sunday, 9 September 2018.

What happens next?

The proposals and results of the community engagement will be considered by the Local Traffic Committee (LTC) at its meeting on 2 October 2018. The recommendations from the LTC meeting will be referred to Council for consideration at its meeting on 23 October 2018. Everyone who provided feedback will be notified of the final decision.