Council is investigating the possibility of converting the caretaker’s cottage in Elkington Park, Glassop Street, Balmain into a café. This was a resolution of the former Leichhardt Council which was made on 24 March 2015 at a Council meeting.

Throughout December 2015 and January 2016, the community was invited to participate in a survey on the options for re-using the cottage. Council received 63 responses to survey.

What’s happening now?

At a Council meeting on 23 August it was determined that the following information be made available to the community:

Council is continuing to investigate the possibility of converting the cottage into a café by:

  • exhibiting an amended Plan of Management for Elkington Park (upcoming);
  • preparing and lodging a Pre-DA application to determine if the proposed work, hours of operation and number of customers is acceptable; and
  • finalising the business plan for café in Elkington Park.

The community will be invited to give feedback on the amended Plan of Management when it goes on public exhibition.

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Contact details

If you have any questions and comments please contact Council’s Manager Property and Commercial Services Leichhardt, Lyn Gerathy, by email or telephone: 9367 9134.