What are Bus friendly speed cushions?

These are designed to ensure minimal impact to local buses and emergency vehicles, whilst reducing the speed of vehicles and the risk of accidents. The speed cushions are narrow so bus wheels can travel either side of the device rather than over the top like standard vehicles. This avoids any sudden bumps which makes it safer and more comfortable for passengers on the bus. 

Has Council considered the parking required around Centenary Park?

Council is aware of the high demand for parking around Centenary Park on sports days. This proposal has been designed to minimise the loss of parking to residents and park users. However, to improve safety and visibility of pedestrians crossing the road some parking spaces may need to be removed.

Are there alternatives to bus friendly speed cushions?

There are other options for slowing traffic in Church Street but these are not preferred for the following reasons:

  • Full width speed humps: These are not suitable on a bus route because of the impact on buses. This type of traffic calming device also increases noise because the speed humps are constructed from kerb to kerb.
  • Chicane: These would result in a significant loss of parking on both sides of the street.
  • Road narrowing devices to one lane: This option is only preferred in low traffic environments as there will be a continuous conflict with vehicles travelling in both directions. This option is not preferred on a local bus route and would also result in a significant loss of parking on both sides of the street.