What is a Voluntary Planning Agreement

    Voluntary planning agreements (VPAs) are arrangements between developers and either councils or the State Government for infrastructure contributions collected for purposes not covered by a contributions plan. Section 7.4 of the EP&A Act allows councils and developers to voluntarily agree to a contribution arrangement. Examples of this could include a developer paying an additional contribution in relation to a change to a planning instrument or contributing infrastructure that was not anticipated at the time the contributions plan was developed. Contributions collected under a VPA do not have to demonstrate the same direct support for the infrastructure needs associated with the development as those collected under a contributions plan, although they must be related to the development in some way.

    Development Application history for this site

    The subject site is located at the end of Chester Street and is situated approximately 250 metres from Pyrmont Bridge Road. The immediate surrounding development comprises industrial buildings of varying style and conditions. The site has the following characteristics: 

    • Irregular trapezoid shaped allotment being,1307sqm;
    • The site is accessible from Chester Street frontage ;
    • The site is zoned IN2 Light Industrial in LLEP 2013 and has a maximum permissible FSR of 1:1 with no height control; and
    • The site is used by a car repair business in a partly one-two storey industrial building to the east of the Johnston’s Creek canal. 

    The Planning proposal seeks to amend the Leichhardt Local Environmental Plan (LLEP) 2013 for the site to:

    • Rezone most of the site from IN2 Light Industrial to B7 Business park zoning. The rest of the site will be a pedestrian and cycling path along Johnston’s Creek to be dedicated to Council and rezoned to RE1 Public recreation;
    • Increase the FSR of the site up to 2:1 with a minimum non-residential floorspace of FSR 0.75:1 to provide business, light industrial and office premises for the technology, bio-medical, arts, production and design sectors;
    • Allow boarding-house use for student accommodation;
    • Introduce a 17m height limit for a development of no more than five-storeys; and
    • Provide an environmentally sustainable 4-Star Green Star rated building.

    View the details and Council decision on this planning proposal on the 1-5 Chester Street, Annandale Planning Proposal