What is a Development Control Plan?

A Development Control Plan (DCP) contains detailed planning and design guidelines for new development, which need to be considered in preparing a Development Application. It comprises a written document together with supporting maps and diagrams.

A DCP supplements the statutory planning and development controls of Local Environmental Plans (LEP). It applies to different types of development such as dwelling houses, residential flat buildings, and also different locations such as business centres. A DCP may also address specific issues such as heritage and sustainability.

DCPs are made by Council in consultation with the community. A DCP will support and supplement (but cannot override or replace) the provisions in an LEP. While DCPs do not have the same level of statutory weight as an LEP, they are an important consideration in the development assessment and approval process.

What is a Local Environmental Plan?

A  Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is the main legal document that controls how land is used and developed in a local government area. 

An LEP comprises a written instrument and a range of maps. It is made by Council, in consultation with the community, and approved by the NSW Minister for Planning.

Both LEPs and DCPs must be prepared consistent with the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 requirements.