Project updates

Project details

Council proposes to increase floor space ratios (FSRs) for the General Residential R1 Zone in the former Leichhardt local government area by making changes to the Leichhardt Local Environmental Plan 2013 (LLEP).

The process by which the changes are made to the LLEP is called a planning proposal. Council resolved to put the planning proposal on public exhibition at its meeting on 6 December, 2016 (C1216 Item 11).

Purpose of the planning proposal

The purpose of this change is to reflect the actual FSRs the former Leichhardt Council was granting prior to amalgamation, often through 'variations to the control' (assessment decisions which allow an exception to the rule).

What are floor space ratios ?

Floor Space Ratios are the ratio of a building’s overall floor area to the size of its site. The FSR control helps Inner West Council control the scale of developments.

Summary of proposed and current FSRs

Lot Size (SQM)Annandale (edged black on map)Balmain (edged red on map)Birchgrove (edged green on map)Leichhardt (edged brown on map)Lilyfield (edged pink on map)Rozelle
(edged yellow on map)
Current FSR0.

Have your say

  • online using the form below
  • by post, addressed to Rik Hart, Interim General Manager, Inner West Council, P.O. Box 45, Leichhardt NSW 2040.

Submissions close at 5pm on Friday 7 April 2017.

What happens next

After submissions close Council officers will write a report to Council on the planning proposal that includes an assessment of all submissions and a set of recommendations. A copy of the report will be posted on this site. Council is expected to consider the report mid 2017. Everyone who has made a submission will be informed of the date of the meeting. Anyone can apply to address Council at this meeting. Results of the Council meeting will be published on this project page. If Council resolves to proceed with the planning proposal (with or without amendments), it will forward it to the DP&E for drafting of an LEP amendment and final consideration by the Minister for Planning or delegate. If the Minister approves the amendment, it will come into law when published on the NSW Legislation website.