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Council has previously implemented Alcohol Free Zones (AFZ) in various locations for the Inner West Council. Several zones previously established for four years within the former Marrickville Local Government Area have now expired and their re-establishment has been supported by the Inner West Police Area Command.

Before making a decision to establish the zones, Council is required to publicly exhibit a proposal for community comment and consult with interested parties nominated within Ministerial Guidelines.


The alcohol-free zones will operate 24 hours / 7 days a week during which the drinking of alcohol on the public road including footpaths will be prohibited. The proposal is for the establishment of Alcohol Free Zones in the following locations:

Location 1:

  • Marrickville Road (between Malakoff Street and Gladstone Street), Marrickville
  • Alex Trevallion Plaza, Marrickville
  • Malakoff Street (between Marrickville Road and Broadleys Lane), Marrickville
  • Despointes Street (between Marrickville Road and Broadleys Lane), Marrickville
  • Illawarra Road (between Marrickville Road and Tuohy Lane), Marrickville
  • The Calvert Street car park, Marrickville, and
  • Tuohy Lane (east-west section), Marrickville.

Location 2:

  • The streets, laneways and footpaths within Sydenham Green Park, Sydenham;
  • The footpaths areas outside the General Gordon Hotel and Sydenham Railway Station (on the eastern side of Gleeson Avenue, between Railway Parade and Unwins Bridge Road and on the southern side of Burrows Avenue, between Gleeson Avenue and Swain Street, Sydenham).

Location 3:

  • Newtown Square on King Street, Newtown, and
  • Northern side of King Street (Newtown Square to Mary Street), Newtown.

Location 4:

  • Bailey Street (between Enmore Road and Holt Street), Newtown
  • Holt Street (between King Street and the road closure), Newtown, and;
  • Goddard Street (between Bailey Street and King Street), Newtown.

Have your say

  • Online: by filling in the feedback form
  • Mail: Inner West Council, PO Box 14, Petersham, 2049
  • In person: Council’s Customer Service Centre at 2-14 Fisher Street, Petersham.

You can provide feedback on as many of the locations as you like.

The last day to provide feedback is Wednesday, 9 October 2019.

What happens next?

Everyone who comments will be emailed a link to the subsequent council report and the date at which the elected Council will decide whether to re-establish the zones.