Why did the Plan of Management require land categorisation approval by the NSW Government?

    Part of Tempe Reserve is owned by the NSW Government and requires a land categorisation. This land is managed by Council for community benefit however we require the NSW Government to approve our categories before the Plan of Management can be adopted. This impacts several parks in the Inner West.

    What is the difference between a Plan of Management and a Master Plan?

    A Plan of Management is a guiding framework which directs the future vision,planning, management and use of the park. I twill be used to inform the development of the park over the next ten years.

    The Master  Plan  is  a  design  report  outlining the  actions  required  for improvement,  intended to guide the physical upgrade  of the site over the next ten years. It does this by suggesting  how the strategies  set out  in  the  Plan  of  Management  can  be  translated  into  site  specific gestures for application to the park.