What should I write my story about?

    Our suggestions include:

    • What acts of kindness have you seen in our community? 
    • Do you have stories about our community heroes helping others or looking out for neighbours and our vulnerable community members?
    • How are you coping with working from home (WFH)?
    • How is schooling at home going?
    • How is juggling WFH with home schooling managed?
    • How was your Easter weekend this year?
    • How did you commemorate Anzac Day?
    • Are you or a family member working at the front line of this crisis in Health, Education or the food supply chain or other work? 
    • Have you experienced a wedding or a birth?
    • Have you lost someone during this time?
    • Have you had COVID-19?

    What images/video could I post?

    • How have you and the people you've been isolating with kept yourselves entertained?
    • How are you staying connected with your family and friends?
    • Have you started any isolation traditions?
    • Do you have stories to share about panic buying? Don't forget to include both the anxiety and the fun that came from toilet paper shortages...
    • What innovative exercise activities have you come up with to get moving while staying within the iso rules?

    What could I post an artwork about?

    We suggest your artwork could be about 

    • What you're missing 
    • How you think the world will change after COVID-19
    • The first thing you will do when lockdown ends
    • How the Inner West has changed during this period