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'Time in the garden' - hand made watercolur using plant pigments from home

by Emma Simmons, 30 May, 2020

I am an illustrator based in Summer Hill at Sweets Workshop . I am usually out and about illustrating iconic landscapes or people's homes around the inner west, however during lockdown, like everyone else I've been spending much of my time at home in the garden. Some of the blooms we had flowering in the garden had such lovely colours and I was wondering what the pigment would be like if I put it to paper. I created my own plant based watercolour (which our daughter helped with) from our house plants and tried to capture a part of our garden that we look at each day. In this painting I used parsley for olive green and a purple iris which provided some lovely blue and purple tones. I completed the painting by sketching with metallic silver and bronze inks. It's a nice memory of our family time together during lockdown.

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