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Losing Our Ten Year Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Business

by Hannah Collins, 29 May, 2020

It was the stuff of nightmares, first the Christmas 2019 fires reduced our pet sitting income to a quarter of our usual income as holiday pet sit, after holiday pet sit was cancelled and then before we could recuperate COVID-19 hit and holidays, weekends away, weddings, social events, life went into lockdown.

We were now reliant on our dog walking clients, they make up fifty per cent of our business income, and as clients were ordered home to work and could walk their dogs during the day, dog walks began to be cancelled. We were very lucky and very grateful to those clients who said as long as they had work we would continue walking their dog(s).

We had one employee who had worked for us for two years and we have been able to keep her on because of the government 'Keepers Allowance'.

We had little work, no income and overnight our dog walking and pet sitting business of ten years was nearly gone. If we hadn't been able to get funding from the government and put our house mortgage on hold for six months we wouldn't have survived.

The only good thing is the number of puppies and kittens people have adopted during the lockout. All the puppies will need to be walked during the day when people go back to work, and all pets will need to be cared for when people can go away for the weekend, on holiday and to social events.

Hannah Collins Owner/Operator 'Your Critter Sitter'

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