What is a separated cycleway?

    It is a cycleway that is separated from the vehicle travel lanes, usually by a concrete separation kerb. A separation kerb is a raised pavement strip, typically 400mm wide, that provides a physical barrier between the cycleway and the adjacent parking lane or travel lane. 

    What is a shared path?

    A shared path is a section of path that is designated for use by both pedestrians and bike riders. 

    What is a mixed traffic facility?

    This is when a bike rider shares the same traffic lane as vehicles. This approach is recommended when the difference between the travel speed of a bike and vehicle is minimal, reducing the need to overtake a bike rider. A mixed traffic facility is proposed in the downhill direction along Lilyfield Road. 

    What are rumble bars?

    These are strips or bumps used on roads to alert inattentive drivers of potential danger. The feature causes a tactile vibration or rumbling to improve road safety. 

    What is the St Peters Interchange?

    This is a part of WestConnex Stage 2 to be delivered by the State Government. Stage 2 includes:

    ·  Twin 9km tunnels to run underground from Kingsgrove to St Peters, passing beneath Arncliffe and under the Princes Highway before emerging at Campbell Street

    ·  A traffic interchange to be located at St Peters, next to Sydney Park, feeding traffic into Edgeware and Enmore Roads and King Street

    ·  Road widening of Campbell Street and Euston Road.

    For more information about Council’s role, visit our website 

    Why is Council improving bicycle routes?

    Inner West Council is committed to providing a safer and more accessible cycling network.  A community wide online survey identified the need for alternative ways to travel around the local area and for improved links to and from the Sydney CBD. Improving cycleways and connectivity aligns with Council’s strategic plan to support unique, liveable and networked neighbourhoods.

    Why has a bike route between Mary Street and Sydenham Rail Station been chosen?

    These upgrades are a part of the new WestConnex-St Peters Interchange. The Westconnex M5-St Peters Interchange Active Transport Works include routes that are already a part of Council’s bicycle network. Proposed works include upgrades to on road facilities and improvements to signage and wayfinding. These works will improve connectivity locally and regionally, encouraging bike riders of all ages and abilities to consider transport alternatives. It will connect the existing route with Sydenham Railway Station and the proposed St Peters Interchange, which will link to the Bourke Road Cycleway, and to the proposed Marrickville Road two way cycleway.

    How is this funded?

    This project is fully funded by the NSW Government as a part of their Westconnex commitments. This component has an estimated cost of approximately $1.5 million.

    Will any on-street parking be lost?

    In Section 1, two options are put forward for comment. Option A maintains the existing on road parking spaces, whilst Option B results in the loss of five car parking spaces along the southern side of Burrows Avenue, west of George Street. 

    One car parking space is lost in Section 2 on Mary Street opposite Bakers Lane. This will facilitate a safe transition from the proposed shared path to mixed traffic along Bakers Lane. 

    How will the project improve safety?

    The improvements to cycle facilities is good for bike riders, motorists and pedestrians. 

    Some of the specific safety benefits for this project includes:

    ·  Improving access to and from Sydenham Station for bike riders

    ·  Better access for bike riders across Unwins Bridge Road by cutting gaps in the traffic island and adjusting the traffic signal timings

    ·  Removing bike riders from the road with a separated cycleway in busy sections route

    I haven’t seen many people on bikes on this route – isn’t this a lot of work for only a few?

    The route is currently used by a significant number of bike riders, especially people commuting to and from work, and to access Sydenham Station. However, the proposed improvements are not just for people already riding bikes – it’s also for those who are interested in riding but are concerned about safety. A NSW Government survey found that 70 per cent of people in NSW would ride more often if it was safer. Locally, the number of people on bikes has increased in places where safer routes have been provided, for example:

    - Carrington Road, Marrickville - 50% increase in the first year

    - Bowden Street, Alexandria - 250% increase in five years

    - George Street, Redfern - 400% increase since a protected bike path was installed.