How is Council incorporating community feedback into their upgrade?

    Check out the Engagement Outcomes Report to find out what we heard from the community.

    In our upgrade, we have incorporated feedback by:

    • Providing upgraded picnic tables within the BBQ and seating areas
    • Providing a new accessible path to and around the playground
    • Painting games onto the pathways
    • Providing a variety of surface materials (asphalt, concrete, recycled brick) to reflect the different conditions of the site and improve diversity of experience. There is a rubber soft fall accessible path through the playground leading to different play spaces. 
    • Providing an accessible water bubbler
    • Relocating bins to the park entrances.

    What is happening to the existing trees?

    The existing trees are being retained, protected and incorporated into the upgraded space.

    Why can't I see some of the common community engagement themes reflected in this upgrade?

    We heard that the community was very interested in:

    • Toilet block upgrade
    • Dog off-leash arrangement
    • Basketball court

    These things, along with cricket nets, are being addressed in the Pocket and Neighbourhood Parks Plan of Management (POM) - a document to guide the future use, development and maintenance of neighbourhood parks in the Inner West.

    The draft Pocket and Neighbourhood Parks POM will go on public exhibition this year.