What is a parking scheme?

    A parking scheme is the management of parking within a street or area with the installation of approved parking control signs that can be legally enforced.

    What is a parking control?

    A method to manage parking behaviour such as parking permit schemes, signs, line marking or physical devices.

    Why is Council doing this now?

    On-street parking and Council managed carparks are currently managed with different policies from the former Leichhardt, Marrickville and Ashfield Councils. We want to make a unified policy that makes it fairer for everyone, regardless of where you live.

    How does Council determine the right parking controls?

    The management of parking controls is governed by NSW legislation. Council administers this on its local roads under authority delegated to Council by NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). There are seven principles that guide the development and implementation of parking controls, including:

    ·  Public access and safety

    ·  Liveability

    ·  Sustainability and inclusion

    ·  Regulation

    ·  Consistency

    ·  Pricing

    ·  Consultation

    Please refer to Section 7.1 on pages seven and eight for more detail. 

    How does this scheme impact accessible parking?

    Council understands that people living with a disability are often dependent on travel by a private vehicle to maintain their mobility and independence. The mobility parking scheme is designed to support these needs by prioritising on-street parking.  Pages 10 and 11 details exceptions for holders of a Mobility Parking Permit, proposes an on-street Mobility Parking Scheme and how it would be administered.

    Please refer to Section 7.4 of pages 10 – 11 for more detail.

    I rely on my carer for daily assistance. How will this impact me?

    You can apply for a carer permit, which will be provided in lieu of one of your resident parking permits. If you require a support worker, the service provider can apply to the City of Sydney Council for a support worker permit as the City administers these permits for Inner West Council.

    I have a Pensioner Parking Permit. What does this mean for me?

    Your existing permit will remain valid until the expiration date and you can then apply to renew your permit.

    It is proposed to discontinue issuing this permit type to new applicants. If you have access needs, you might be eligible for a Mobility Parking Permit, which you can apply for through Service NSW and it covers you for anywhere in NSW.

    For more information, eligibility and application details, please visit the Service NSW website

    I have a Community and Essential Services Permit. What does this mean for me?

    Your existing permit will remain valid until the expiration date. Existing organisations with this permit will continue to access this scheme and be able to renew their permit.

    It is proposed to discontinue issuing this permit type to new applicants because it is contrary to travel management strategies to reduce car dependency.

    What does this mean for businesses and commercial areas?

    Council is proposing to prioritise controls that will complement the viability and efficient operation of local businesses in commercial precincts, and encourage the use of active travel and public transport. This includes:

    • The safe movement of pedestrians
    • Provision for bus zones
    • Taxi zones and service vehicle zones, such as loading zones and mail zones
    • Bike parking
    • Mobility parking and drop-off/pick-up zones. 
    Please refer to Section 7.2.1 on pages eight and nine for more detail.

    It is proposed that up to two Business Parking Permits be issued per property. This is the average of what was offered previously. Please refer to section 7.17 on pages 20 – 21 for more detail.

    How do I know if I live in a nominated precinct and am only entitled to one resident parking permit?

    Please refer to the Parking page on Council's website.

    I have a tradesperson coming to complete work. How will this proposed policy impact me?

    Tradespersons’ Temporary Parking Permits enable tradespersons, who carry out maintenance and improvement work for residents, to park on-street and avoid time limits and parking fees. They may be used in addition to, or instead of, one-day Visitor Parking Permits.

    The resident will need to apply for the permit in accordance with the guidelines set out in this policy.

    Please refer to Section 7.16 on page 20 for more details.

    Will Council be allowing parking in laneways?

    Council prefers that affected residents reach an agreement on parking solutions in laneways, rather than signposting restrictions. Laneways provide:

    ·  connections to adjoining streets

    ·  access to properties

    ·  vehicle access to off-street parking

    ·  thoroughfares for pedestrian and cycle routes

    ·  access for service vehicles and waste collection

    ·  access for emergency services

    Please refer to Section 7.7 on page 12 for more detail.

    Are there any changes to paid parking areas?

    Paid parking helps to manage demand for kerbside parking. Council has decided not to extend paid on-street parking beyond the current locations. This includes:

    ·  King Street, Newtown

    ·  Enmore Road, Newtown

    ·  Lennox Street Carpark, Newtown

    ·  Edgeware Road Carpark, Enmore

    ·  Norton Street, Leichhardt and adjacent side streets

    ·  Darling Street, Balmain and adjacent side streets

    ·  Darling Street, Rozelle and adjacent side streets.

    Are you increasing the cost of paid parking?

    Yes, a minor annual increase is considered through Council's annual Fees and Charges process. Prices will be set at a level consistent with adequate turnover for local businesses and to bring consistency with adjoining council areas along the boundary of our streets i.e. City of Sydney. Resident permit holders will be exempt from parking fees where ticket parking is installed in residential areas.

    In order to accommodate short stay parking demand associated with minor purchases, 30 minute free parking is provided in ticketed areas on key retail streets.

    For more information, please refer to Section 7.2.4 on page 9 of the Policy.

    Are we going to lose parking spaces to car share services?

    Council will be prioritising allocating parking for car share services as a part of our approach to reduce dependency on individual ownership of private cars and reduce on-street parking demand.

    For more information, please refer to Section 7.11 on page 14 of the Policy.