What's the background to the Inner West Pride Centre project?


    The elected Council identified the need for a Pride Centre and commissioned a report on 31 October 2017. Councillors discussed the report on 12 June 2018 and resolved to progress the project.

    Pride in the Inner West 31_10_17 Notice of Motion
    Pride in the Inner West 12_6_18 Council report


    The Inner West would be a logical location for the establishment of a Pride Centre because the area is home to a large and vibrant LGBTIQ community. One of the ways this is measured is that the LGA has over four times the number of same sex couples at 2.24% compared to Greater Sydney at 0.56%*.

    We were guided by direct feedback from Council's Rainbow Roundtable forum in August 2017 which prioritised the need for diverse wellbeing and health support programs and services to be locally accessible for LGBTIQ communities. These could help to address issues of social isolation, sense of belonging, bullying, harassment and include mental health services, for example to support people transitioning.

    *Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2016 Census data for Inner West Council LGA

    Community visioning process

    In February and March 2019, we asked the community to contribute to a vision for a new Inner West Pride Centre and suggest locations. Read what they said in the engagement outcome report 

    Decision on location and EOI process

    In September 2020 Council progressed the project. deciding to seek EOIs from LGBTIQ or LGBTIQ friendly organisations to manage a centre operating out of Newtown Town Hall. It was  also decided to recruit a panel to advise on the EOI process. 

    Pride Centre EOI Report 22_9_20.pdf (147 KB) (pdf)
    Pride Centre EOI Resolution 22_9_20.pdf (53.1 KB) (pdf)

    Do I have to live in the Inner West to apply for the panel?

    No, we welcome applications from suitable people outside the LGA

    How many members will the panel have?

    There will be a maximum of 12 members.

    Will members have their expenses reimbursed?

    Yes, Council will discuss the details of this with the appointed members.

    Will the meetings be online or face to face?

    Council will ensure that the meetings are Covid-safe and will work with the panel to set up an appropriate meeting process. 

    Will panel information be provided in accessible formats?

    Council will work with panel members to provide for their access to information requirements

    Has the panel got a fixed term?

    Following the conclusion of the Expression of Interest process, a review will be undertaken of the panel’s work to date and any future engagement or role for the panel.

    What's informed the way Council asks the gender and sexuality indicator questions in the application form?

    Council resolved on 12 June 2018 to use the ACON guidelines (sexuality and gender indicators) where possible to progressively update Council forms and data collection information sources