Why is this happening now?

    When recently amalgamated in 2016, Inner West Council lodged a DA to demolish Pellegrini’s restaurant which had been vacated by the operator for some time.  

    A concept prepared by Urakawa Jenkins Architecture, dated 21st November 2016, was lodged with Council for pre-DA assessmentRespondents objected to the demolition. Their key concerns were insufficient heritage assessment, no alternative suggestion to service the community and questions about why Council was pushing the project during administration.  

    In August 2019, the elected Council voted to remove the restaurant and engage the community on an alternative kiosk structure with a reduced offering. Removing the restaurant and replacing it with a new kiosk will enhance views of the Parramatta River and offer a low-key kiosk experience for residents and visitors.  

    The latest concept has been rescoped and prepared with Urakawa Jenkins 

    What about heritage considerations for the existing building?

    The heritage assessment determined that the building did not have historical significance. The structure was built after the era identified as significant and as such, does not contribute to heritage values. The form, scale and location of the proposed kiosk is acceptable regarding the setting.

    The seawall will be restored.  

    What can I expect from the new kiosk?

    The new kiosk will be managed independentlyCouncil will undertake a tender process and the successful candidate will set the menu. We expect it to have kiosk-style offerings for residents and visitors walking along the foreshore. This approach will minimise impact on street parking. 

    Will the kiosk be environmentally friendly and inclusive?

    The kiosk has been designed with sustainability, accessibility, and the local community in mind. Sustainability features include: solar power, rainwater reuse, permeable paving and a recycled container for the kiosk shell.  

    We’re working to ensure all areas are accessible for all residents, including suitable path widths and connections between the road, kiosk and through the reserve. 

    Review the concept designs today.

    How will the kiosk impact wildlife?

    The proposed kiosk will not impact on any wildlife located within Paringa Reserve.

    Council works closely with WIRES in relation to injured wildlife and the protection of wildlife in parks on an ongoing basis. The proposed development will not impact negatively on any local wildlife and as part of the management of the facility regular inspections will be undertaken to ensure any waste material is adequacy collected and disposed of. The proposed café will result in additional local employment opportunities as well as provide local residents and park users with a valuable and accessible amenity.