Workshop presentations

February 2015 Workshop Documents

Jury Requests for information - summary of workshop requests

Q1 - Asset Management Plans

Q2 - Methodology for Pavement Management System

Q3 - Additional Detail about Asset Shortfall

Q4 - Why does Council have insufficient data on current condition of Property Buildings (p 28 of Info Pack)?

Q5 - Quality of road assets and accident or safety data

Q6 - Agreements with Utility Companies

Q7 - Usage Rates on Council Facilities

Q9 - Summary by asset class

Q10 - Childcare

Q11 - Innovation alternatives for materials/asset renewal – what choices does Council have?

Q12 - Comparison Data for Assets

Q13 - Council Position on Possible Amalgamation

Q14 - Standard lifespan of each asset class

Q15 - Demographics by suburb

Q16 - Complaint Data

Q18 - Rules and guidelines for tender and procurement process

Q19 - Community engagement for a special rate levy

Q20 - Infrastructure spend over last 5 years by suburb

Q21 - s94 schedule

Q22 - Grants for Flood Mitigation and Water Senstive Urban Design (WSUD)

Q23 - Are bike lanes included (for funding) in the Green Streets program funded from new s94 plan?

Q24 - Source data - Condition now and in 10 years - excel spreadsheets - datasets for individual asset groups

Q25 - How reliable is Marrickville's data?

Q27 - Scenario costings

Q28 - Additional information on hall hire and usage

Q30 - Marrickville Financial Assessment Report

Q31 - Organisational chart

Q32 - Breakdown by category, and location of roads, footpaths and stormwater

Q35 - Marrickville Grants

Q36 - Asset Management Terminology

Q37 - Rangers and Revenue

Q38 - Rates Ready Reckoner