Why are you asking us again when I thought the community engagement was completed and a design agreed?

Extensive community engagement was undertaken to determine the community’s wishes for the Community Hub and Library. The cost to construct all the community works as per the previous winning design is approx $26m. Council instigated the EOI process to unlock the value in the site to pay for the new Community Hub and Library.

Now we are seeking feedback on what the development of the whole site should deliver for the community.

What is a tender specification?

A tender specification is a document that includes the exact requirements that consortia tendering for the work must meet. The four successful proponents will be invited to tender once the specification is ready.

Will Council make a financial contribution?

The concepts include the delivery of a Community Hub and Library shell. This means that the developer provides the structure and utilities. Council will be responsible for and pay for the fit-out which includes interior partitions, furniture, equipment and services connections.

If costly items are included - for example increased open space or more parking, or less density, Council would need to either contribute financially, or trade off other design elements on the site.


Will the Community Hub and Library look like the competition-winning design by BVN architects?

That will depend on whether the Community Hub and Library is part of a separate civic precinct as it was in the BVN design or whether it will be integrated with a residential and commercial building, for example, in a tower. Either way, the Community Hub and Library will be delivered as a shell for Council to fit out.

Can I choose which concept I prefer?

You are not being asked to choose which concept you prefer. The concepts are suggestions from the developers about how the site could be used at no cost to Council. We want to know which elements of the concepts you think should make it into the tender specification.


Do we need a new library in this era of increased digitisation?

Libraries now offer more than books. The Community Hub and Library will provide places for learning and places for meeting and gathering. The key findings of Council’s Facilities Needs Research as well as extensive community engagement demonstrate the need for a larger and modern library, as well as the provision of additional community spaces. Library usage is increasing, not decreasing as libraries move to use enhanced technology to support community needs.

What is site density?

Site density measures the ratio of dwellings to a given land area.