Why is Council making changes to the dog off-leash area again?

    Council recently made changes to the dog off-leash areas to improve accessibility.  These changes prompted many people to get in touch with varying perspectives. 

    After careful review of the companion animal restrictions in this area of the park and the feedback given to us by a broad cross-section of local residents, Council has suggested a compromise be adopted. The aim of this proposal is to balance the needs of all members of the community.

    Why is Council not providing an option to revert all of Whites Creek Valley Park to off-leash?

    Inner West Council has a legislative responsibility to make our parks and public spaces safe and accessible for all members of the community under the Disability Discrimination Act. This compromise position addresses, in part, the issues highlighted by those who got in touch while ensuring that Council is complying with its obligations under the Act as the area immediately adjacent to the housing zone is on-leash.

    Reverting to Whites Creek Valley Park being all off-leash would not meet the requirements of all residents.

    Read more in the report to Council on 9 March 2021.

    What will happen with my feedback?

    All feedback will be compiled and reviewed by Council before it makes its final decision.  Everyone who provides feedback will receive an update and be able to view an Engagement Outcomes Report. This report will give the community a full view of all the perspectives put forward and the issues raised.