What are the benefits of permit parking areas?

Permit parking areas are part of an overall Parking Strategy for a parking precinct.

These strategies:

  • deliver a better balance of parking space for residents, businesses, shoppers, commuters and others;
  • maximise the parking space already in place and deliver new appropriate space; and
  • manage changing parking needs across the Council area.

How were the Parking Strategies developed for each precinct?

Council asked residents, business owners, shoppers and commuters about their current and future parking needs. We engaged with car and commercial vehicle drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists, car share organisations and others by gathering feedback from households and running community workshops.

You told us that competition for parking space in the area has increased significantly in recent years, and that you expect demand will continue to rise.

Your feedback was added to studies of parking occupancy and length of stay data and a draft strategy was created for each precinct. These were placed on public exhibition over a period of time and the final strategies were then adopted by Council.

How do parking permit areas work?

Parking permit areas have a specific area code shown on the street signs. Your vehicle needs to display a valid permit to park in that area beyond the time limit shown on the sign.

A parking permit does not give any special rights outside of these signposted code areas, i.e. there is no exemption from 'No Parking' and 'No Stopping' areas, parking close to corners, double parking, or any other parking or traffic rules.

Permit holders for a particular code area must also observe the signposted time limits or any parking meter rates in permit areas other than their own.

What is the cost of a parking permit?

Refer to Council's fees and charges

Any fees charged are used to partially defray the costs necessarily incurred by Council for administration, operation and enforcement of the scheme. No fee is refundable once a permit is issued.

Can any parking permit be used in my area?

The permits are only to be used in the area of residence, i.e. M2 permits can only be used in areas designated as M2.

Inner West Council permits are not valid for use in other councils' parking permit zones. Likewise, other councils' parking permits are not valid for use in Inner West Council's parking permit zones.

My street is in a permit parking area. Why isn't my property eligible for a parking permit?

Properties which do not have either a side boundary or frontage to the street with the signage are not typically included in the area.

Developments within the local government area involving land use changes, new commercial and/or multi-unit housing developments are excluded from participation in any permit parking scheme.

Properties which have their own driveway or garage may also not be eligible for a permit.

I do not have a parking sign with an exemption for residents outside my house. Can I still be eligible?

If in your street there are signs which indicate exemptions for residents – whether it be on the opposite end or opposite side of your street – you may still be eligible for a resident parking permit. You can check to see if your property is located in one of the maps here

What proof must I show to be eligible for a resident parking permit?

To be eligible to participate in the scheme, a person must be a permanent resident within the precinct. Any person who is registered on the Commonwealth electoral roll as a resident within the precinct is considered qualified. Other acceptable forms of proof of residency are listed on the relevant types of permits page. Under the conditions laid down by NSW Roads and Maritime Services, residents of hotels are not eligible to participate in the scheme. 

How many resident permits am I eligible for?

Most households can apply for two resident parking permits. In some more densely populated areas (i.e. Newtown–Enmore precincts M3 and M14), households are restricted to one transferrable resident parking permit.

If your household has off-street parking, this will reduce the number of parking permits you are entitled to.

For the number of permits available for other permit types, visit the types of permits page.

What happens if two separate people in the one house want to request a permit?

In areas where only one permit is available, up to 3 registration numbers can be added on the one permit so it may be transferred between vehicles. In areas where two permits are available, each vehicle will have a designated parking permit linked to the vehicle's registration. 

What happens if I want to add a vehicle part way through the year to the permit (i.e. going from 1 to 2 vehicles on the permit)?

This is considered as a replacement permit and fees apply.

I've lost or misplaced a permit. Can I order a replacement?

This is considered as a replacement permit and fees apply.

How do I properly display my permit?

To be valid, the permit must be displayed on the inside of the front windscreen on the passenger side of the vehicle and clearly visible.

Why is the signposting not starting from the corner of the street?

Under the Australian Road Rules, the first 10 metres from the intersection is strictly 'No Stopping'. Therefore the timed parking restrictions commence 10 metres from street corners.

What do I do if I have a tradesperson working on the house?

A trades parking permit can be purchased for such occasions.