What is a Voluntary Planning Agreement

    Voluntary planning agreements (VPAs) are arrangements between developers and either councils or the State Government for infrastructure contributions collected for purposes not covered by a contributions plan. Section 7.4 of the EP&A Act allows councils and developers to voluntarily agree to a contribution arrangement. Examples of this could include a developer paying an additional contribution in relation to a change to a planning instrument or contributing infrastructure that was not anticipated at the time the contributions plan was developed. Contributions collected under a VPA do not have to demonstrate the same direct support for the infrastructure needs associated with the development as those collected under a contributions plan, although they must be related to the development in some way.

    Development Application history for this site

    The subject site is located on the south-western corner of the intersection of Lonsdale Street and Brenan Street/ City-West Link Road, a main arterial road that links with Anzac Bridge and intersects with Parramatta Road and Victoria Road.  

    The subject site is accessible by both the light rail and public bus services. The subject is located directly opposite the Lilyfield light rail stop. Public bus services can be accessed along Catherine Street and Lilyfield Road

    At its meeting of the 23 June 2020, Council endorsed the Planning proposal (to send to DPIE for Gateway determination) to amend Leichhardt Local Environmental Plan 2013 in the following way:

    • Increase the floor space ratio (FSR) from 0.6:1 to 1.5:1; 
    • Introduce a maximum building height development standard of RL 33.2, 
    • Add a site-specific clause for objectives, minimum setbacks, maximum number of 5 storeys and non-residential development at City West Link street level. 

    In November 2020 Council exhibited the Planning Proposal and currently the project team is preparing the Engagement Outcomes report before the Council makes its final decision at its meeting on Tuesday 13 April 2021.