What is a Local Housing Strategy?

    Local housing strategies are prepared by councils, in consultation with communities, to detail how and where housing will be provided in local areas. The strategy links our Community Strategic Plan vision for housing with NSW Planning and Environment targets.

    How will new local housing be delivered?

    The Inner West community’s vision is for sustainable, high quality new housing that meets future demands, diverse needs and respects neighbourhood character.

    The draft Strategy considers Inner West demographic factors, housing supply and demand, land-use opportunities and constraints, and areas with the potential for new housing that is appropriate for our community and environment

    Inner West Council will consider the draft Strategy for adoption and NSW Planning and Environment will approve council local housing strategies.

    Further Council investigation, development control amendments, community consultation and, in some precincts, more infrastructure may be required to deliver new local housing.

    How many new homes do we need for the Inner West?

    NSW Planning and Environment forecasts the Inner West will need around 1,000 new homes each year up to 2036 That target is slightly fewer than current new housing yearly averages.  Greater Sydney Commission has set a target of 5,900 new homes 2016–2021. Council expects to meet this target.

    What gives a place potential for new housing?

    Places with public transport services, access to amenities, and proximity to shops and services are more suitable for new housing. The strategy also identifies heritage, flooding, local character, places with cultural significance and other environmental considerations.

    How does Council control private housing development?

    Council directions for a planned, integrated approach will support better outcomes for the community than ad hoc private proposals.

    The Local Housing Strategy informs Council’s land use planning framework that will ingrate long term strategic plans. Development proposals will be assessed according to Council’s framework of planning instruments including Local Environment Plans and Development Control Plans.

    What is local infill housing?

    Infill housing is new homes built in unused urban space or underused areas. Examples include granny flats, tiny homes, subdivision and reuse of existing buildings.

    What is the difference between housing affordability and affordable housing?

    Housing affordability:

    Relates to the general affordability of housing available for rent and for sale on the open market.  Generally, housing that costs less than 30% of before-tax household income is considered affordable.

    Affordable housing:

    Affordable housing is homes for very low income to moderate income households. This is often provided through a housing assistance program that provides rental housing below market rent price.

    Council will draw on local housing study evidence to prepare an updated Affordable Housing Policy in consultation with community.

    When will Council consult with community about aging in place, co-operative housing, boarding homes, accessible, social and student housing?

    Council will consult with community at the Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan stage in the land use planning framework development process.

    What is social housing?

    Public, Community and Aboriginal Housing managed by NSW Government or community housing providers.

    What is housing stress?

    Households with the lowest 40% of incomes that pay more than 30% of gross income on housing costs can experience housing stress.