How can I get involved?

If you live, work or use the area near the laneway between Kays Ave East and Albermarle Street and would like to get involved in the project you can contact our Senior Environment Office on 9335 2062 or email

When will the works be completed?

Construction is due for completion by the end of July 2015. 

There will be a community planting day on SATURDAY 15 AUGUST 2015 AT 9AM.

When is the community planting day?

We will advise you of the community planting date as soon as the works dates are confirmed.  Planting will take place immediately after the works are complete and everyone is invited.  If you would like to be informed of the date, you can join the working group or email list: email your details to or call Claire on 9335 2062.

What will the new landscaping do for the area?

The landscaping of the laneway will make the area more attractive and help to cool it down by reducing the hard, black surfaces.  The landscaping is designed to look good as well as treat stormwater to remove pollutants before it drains to the Cooks River.  The works will also help to reduce flooding in the area, provide habitat and increase shading through additional planting and new trees.

Because the project has been co-planned with the community it will help to get residents to know each other better and maybe make new friends locally.  The Kays Ave Albermarle St Living Lane Working Group will be invited to co-manage the new laneway and look after it in the future with Council's help. 

If you would like to be involved in the project please email your details to or call Claire on 9335 2062.