What is the draft Integrated Transport Strategy?

    The draft Integrated Transport Strategy outlines Council’s move to put people first, focusing on active and sustainable modes of transport and local area land use to support this.

    The strategy links our Community Strategic Plan vision and Regional goals for a 30 minute city by public transport and 10 minute walkable neighbourhoods.

    Why is a local transport strategy needed?

    We need a more sustainable and efficient transportation network to support Inner West growth.

    NSW Government investment in public transport creates opportunities for the Inner West Council to expand local transport options for community, to reduce dependency on private transport and revitalise local streets and public spaces.

    The strategy will support Council initiatives to integrate land use and local transport needs and improve outcomes for local community, local economies and our environment.

    How will the strategy be delivered?

    The strategy describes a high-level transport planning framework that will guide proposed Council plans and actions to improve our ability to move around and through the Inner West.

    Community feedback will help us finalise the strategy. Council’s elected representatives will consider the strategy for endorsement.

    What happened to former council transport strategies?

    The draft Integrated Transport Strategy brings together the former Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville Council transport strategies and our 2019 study of current and forecast transport needs.

    How does the strategy relate to NSW Government transport?

    Our people first approach aims to provide interconnected transport options around the Inner West and wider region. The Strategy adopts a number of the principles of State Government’s Future Transport 2056 and leverages State Government investment in public transport to increase active transport to key public transport hubs.

    What is a 10 minute walkable neighbourhood?

    A neighbourhood where the majority of residents can walk to their local centre or local services within 10 minutes are considered to be a 10 minute walkable neighbourhood.

    Have sustainable transport options been included?

    The strategy considers current and future sustainable transport needs. The transport hierarchy prioritises sustainable transport modes ahead of private and polluting vehicles.

    How is Council planning for disruptive technology in transport?

    The transport planning framework provides an approach to evaluate future transport technologies or initiatives and ensure diverse Inner West community needs are considered.

    Does it include the GreenWay?

    The Strategy includes a commitment to investing in separated cycle ways. It supports the completion of a separated cycle and pedestrian pathway for the entire length of the GreenWay corridor in accordance with the adopted GreenWay Master Plan (2018).

    How long will it take?

    The Strategy adopts a long term vision for transport. Some transport projects can be implemented in the short term, while others will be implemented in the longer term.

    Transport improvements need to be made gradually in consultation with community. Council will act on local transport initiatives and advocate for the Inner West on State Government transport projects.