Why is this happening now?

    Council has commenced drafting Local Area Traffic Management Plans for priority precincts in the Inner West. When the Bunnings Warehouse Development Application was advertised for 728-750 Princes Highway, the community raised concerns about the impacts on local traffic and safety. 

    The Eastern City Planning Panel heard your concerns and has made it a condition of approval that a Local Area Traffic Management study is undertaken for the Tempe South Area.

    What are the expected traffic levels in Union Street as a result of the Bunnings Development (725-750 Princess Highway)?

    Earlier traffic reports during the development application stage discussed the traffic impacts to the surrounding area. The expected peak volume ranges 85-106 vehicles per hour on a weekday, and 142-182 vehicles per hour on a Saturday. These are within the acceptable environment limit for a local road. Further information can be found in section 7.2 (p64-65) of the draft report.

    What data informed the draft Local Area Traffic Management Plan?

    Crash history, traffic and parking data were analysed as part of the study. Traffic and parking surveys were conducted to capture the levels of traffic and parking demand within the study area. This included tube counts, parking occupancy surveys and intersection counts.

    How did COVID-19 impact the traffic data?

    Traffic data was captured during the early stages of the pandemic. Although the data did not reflect typical traffic conditions, the study made use of the relative traffic volume during this time, and vehicle speeds captured were mainly unaffected by the pandemic. This data was also compared to the pre-pandemic data during the development of recommendations 

    Both data sets were considered in the development of recommendations. 

    When will the new measures be implemented?

    Following a review of your feedback, the final LATM Plan will be presented to the elected Council in 2021. We anticipate all approved measures will be implemented prior to the new centre opening. All works, including the study are being funded by the developer. 

    What is being done to improve safety for bike riders?

    Smith Street is part of a bicycle route. The proposals include ramps and logos to connect the existing route in Princess Highway to the off-road route through the Tempe Recreational Reserve.

    Does the Shared Zone proposal in Union Street require further examination and approval?

    A preliminary assessment has been undertaken as part of the traffic study. However the Shared Zone needs to be considered and approved by Transport for NSW prior to implementation. 

    Can traffic be banned from entering Union Street from Smith Street?

    A full closure of these streets would divert traffic onto Brooklyn Street, Brooklyn Lane and School Lane. These roads are not designed to accommodate diverting non-local traffic and would result in longer travel times for residents to reach schools and other destinations. 

    This topic is covered in more detail in section 7.4 (p65-68) of the draft report.