'On Public Exhibition' - what does this mean?

The public exhibition period of a Council draft policy, strategy, proposal or plan is the final period of time during which community members can have their say on the item before Council votes on adopting it. The time period is usually 28 days.

Where can I find out what is currently on exhibition?
The front page of the Your Say Inner West website shows all projects on public exhibition and includes downloadable material and information on how to submit a comment. The site also features other matters on which Council is asking for public input.

What happens to my feedback?
Council uses the information gathered from comments and submissions during the exhibition period to inform the decisions it makes.

What about Development Applications on public exhibition?
DAs are not listed on the Your Say Inner West website. Public notices of all DAs on exhibition are listed on Councils corporate website:

Public notices of all DAs on public exhibition are also published in the Council Column of the Inner West Courier newspaper. DAs are usually on exhibition for 14 days. Council welcomes submissions in writing or via email. 

Why do some projects refer to 'former Leichhardt/Ashfield/Marrickville LGA only'?

Some current projects are referred to as 'applying to a specific former LGA only', because they are about an existing plan or policy which will remain in place until the new Council renews or replaces them. For instance each former local government area will retain its own Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP) until new plans are developed for the Inner West Council as a whole. 

While these former LGA specific projects only apply to that area, anyone can comment, make a submission or contribute to those engagements.