How did we get here?


    In 2018 the State Government amended the Crown Lands Act. As a result, we need to update and adopt Plans of Management for all Crown Lands public open space. In November 2018, Council adopted an Inner West Open Space Areas Plan of Management Priorities list.

    Plan of Management

    Council is preparing a Plan of Management (POM) and Master Plan for Henson Park. The POM is a guiding document which directs the future planning, management and use of the park. The POM is accompanied by the Master Plan which outlines the vision and actions required for improvement over the next 10 years.

    Henson Park is a well used multi purpose park with several facilities used by organised groups and the community. We want to know how you currently use the park and how you would like to use it. The feedback we receive will be incorporated into the POM which will go on Public Exhibition in 2020.

    Proposed upgrades

    As part of the Plan of Management, we are proposing a variety of works to upgrade the functionality of Henson Park. These proposed works include:

    • Building reorganisation
    • Upgrade to the sporting ground
    • Upgrades and improvements to the King George V Memorial grandstand
    • Improvements to make the park more inclusive for women's and girl's sports.

    What does building reorganisation mean?

    Building reorganisation involves a review of buildings in the park with the possible removal of any that are found to be redundant.