What is the State Heritage Register?

    The State Heritage Register is a list of places and items of particular importance to the people of NSW. The Register is found on the Heritage NSW website.

    The register includes a diverse range of items, in both private and public ownership such as buildings, objects, gardens, natural landscapes, streets, shops, houses, religious buildings, and schools. To be listed, an item must be significant for the whole of NSW. 

    What is 'state significant'?

    To be listed on the State Heritage Register a place or an item must be significant to the people of NSW. It must also meet at least one of the NSW Heritage Councils assessment criteria for significance. 

    The criteria cover historical, associative, aesthetic, social, technical, rarity and characteristic values. 

    What is Haberfield's current heritage status?

    The suburb of Haberfield is currently listed in the Ashfield Local Environmental Plan 2013 as a Heritage Conservation Area.

    Why is Haberfield state significant?

    Haberfield is one of the first comprehensively planned garden suburbs in NSW and Australia. This makes it unique and significant place. 

    Town planning for Haberfield in the early 1900s was unique as it provided for the separation of land uses, such as residential only uses with detached houses on larger lots set in a garden settings, exclusion of industry and hotels, a central town centre, churches, parks and schools. Utility services were provided and a high standards of cohesive Federation architecture and landscape design were required. The style and location of buildings and their landscape gardens on tree lined streets created a suburb dense with green streetscapes and character. Haberfield was self contained yet accessible by public transport. It was also one of the first entrepreneurial 'planned estates'. 

    Why does Council want to list Haberfield on the State Heritage Register?

    Formal recognition of the suburb’s special significance to the history of NSW and to protect the suburbs unique character for future generations. 

    The historic streetscapes, landscapes, amenity and lifestyle of the suburb will be safeguarded for current and future residents and will have added protection for the enjoyment of the wider community.

    What are the benefits of Haberfield being listed on the State Heritage Register?

    Haberfield will be recognised as an important part of New South Wales’ cultural heritage. 

    State Listing will also promote and acknowledge the suburb as a significant cultural asset for the Haberfield community.  

    State listing may also provide increased protection against inappropriate development and better retain for its residents its historic character, streetscapes, landscapes, amenity and lifestyle. 

    Inclusion on the state heritage register through promotion and tourism can also benefit the local economy of Haberfield’s town centre.

    How will the listing proposal by Council impact the current development consent in Haberfield?

    The State Listing nomination will propose the that minor work such as small repairs and maintenance work to houses will not require Council Development Approval (DA).

    Other more substantial building works would continue to require approval from Council through a Development Application, with Council continuing to provide an upfront pre-DA design service to assist the community.

    Will the listing increase restrictions on development in Haberfield?


    Council intends to have the Haberfield Heritage Conservation Area continue to be administered by the Inner West Council for assessing development applications, using the existing Ashfield Local Environmental Plan 2013 and design controls in the existing Haberfield Development Control Plan.