No to a Greek Precinct

by Jamie321, 06 Jul 2020

This is not a ‘story’ as you have all fabricated this Have Your Say page into and I will also be ringing to voice my opposition to this and will be encouraging many others to do so.. I completely and utterly disagree with a precinct in this area being labeled as Greek, let alone any other culture. Dulwich Hill is multicultural, and it already has its Greek influence seen in many businesses such as under The Cooperage, the library, the jewellers, the physio, and hair/beauticians.
Most buildings in this area are Greek owned, or managed by people of Greek background in Real Estate.
Giving a precinct a mono cultural label is encouraging one culture to feel they have rights over everybody else. This has the opposite effect of celebrating diversity.
We are not stupid residents, we are also guessing this process is more than just giving a precinct a label. Greek culture in this suburb is inherently tied up with business ownership and ultimately money. Many landlords charge exorbitant rent so those businesses who want to set up locally cannot sustain it and go elsewhere. Giving our precinct a Greek identification will simply encourage this further, your council will get their DA money from the landowners and big building companies will magically swoop down out of the sky and bypass our heritage planning and architectural review feasibility laws

So NO to a Greek labeled precinct.

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