Why is this happening?

    In 2018, the creator of the Magic Lane approached Council for support. It was decided at the Council meeting on 28 August that the road be closed permanently, rezoned to public open space and an agreement be created for the community to manage the site.  

    Read the full resolution.

    What does managing the site involve?

    Interested people can create an incorporated, not-for-profit group with public liability insurance that will independently manage the green space in Ferris Lane. This means they can accept donations and apply for grants to help fund their activities.  

    Anyone who indicates in the feedback form that they are interested in being part of this will be invited to a community meeting to discuss next steps. If you opt-in, you authorise Council and the current community organiser to contact you regarding this matter. 

    What happens if the community can’t manage the site anymore?

    If the community group can no longer manage the site, plants will have to be removed and management will return to Council.  

    Can we have in-ground garden beds?

    We assume all land across the Inner West may be contaminated. To keep produce free of contaminants, all edible plants must be grown in raised bed gardens.