What is the purpose of the Employment and Retail Lands Strategy?

    The Employment and Retail Lands Strategy will help Council manage land used for retail, commercial, industrial and urban services. It aims to:

    • Maximise economic productivity and industry relationships
    • Facilitate job growth and diversity in the local area
    • Support the establishment of new enterprise
    • Serve the growing population
    This strategy will complement the Economic Development Strategy (also on public exhibition).

    Why has Council prepared an Employment and Retail Lands Strategy?

    The Strategy addresses the Inner West planning priorities outlined in the Eastern City District Plan and Council's Community Strategic Plan Our Inner West 2036. It considers the changing economic and policy environment, at the local, district and wider levels, while seeking to build on the strengths of Inner West Local Government Area.

    The strategy consolidates land uses and development controls which apply to employment, commercial and retail centres of the three former Councils. This will improve certainty and fairness for the Inner West market.

    Consistent and considered policy direction for our employment and retail lands will support more local employment opportunities, economic productivity and resilience, and convenient access to services for an increasing and evolving population.

    How does this affect me?

    The Strategy identifies specific locations and industries across the Inner West which are important to the delivery of current and future employment and economic prosperity across the area, and in some cases, for the whole of Sydney:

    • It identifies the importance of specific industrial lands, and creative and cultural industries
    • It identifies changes to planning controls to support the desired role of the employment or retail lands 
    • It makes several recommendations for centres and employment corridors in the Local Government Area. These lands make a significant contribution to the distinct local character of these areas

    How will the Employment and Retail Lands Strategy help manage employment land and commercial centres within Inner West?

    The Strategy recommends complementary approaches to planning our future productive and retail lands:
    • Consolidating business zones and associated land use changes
    • Identifying uses that should be retained and expanded if possible, particularly protecting industrial lands
    • Leveraging the Inner West’s strengths including our skill base and proximity to key infrastructure and services
    • Ensuring that the Inner West will be able to cater for the needs of our growing population
    • Supporting start-ups and affordable employment spaces
    • Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan provisions to improve resilience and adaptability in a fast changing economic and technological environment

    How will the Employment and Retail Lands Strategy be implemented?

    The Strategy will be used as a key evidence base to inform and update the Inner West’s land use planning framework including the:

    ·  Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) 

    ·  Comprehensive Local Environmental Plan (LEP)

    ·  Comprehensive Development Control Plan (DCP)

    ·  Contributions Plan

    What influence does Council have on privately owned employment and retail lands?

    Council plays a regulatory role in determining the permissibility of uses, application of zones and specific controls for particular development types. These controls are implemented through the LEP and DCP.

    Council, along with the State Government, also contributes to the provision of infrastructure necessary to support the day to day operations of businesses in and around the Inner West Local Government Area. The Strategy will assist Council and government agencies with the future planning of this infrastructure. 

    When does the submission period close?

    The public exhibition closes on Sunday, 27 October 2019.

    Do I have to disclose reportable gifts and donations when making a submission in this public exhibition?

    Yes, you must submit a completed Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement if you have made any reportable political donations or gifts. The form should be filled out and attached to your submission. For more information visit the Political Donations page on Council’s website.

    What happens to the Strategy after the public exhibition period finishes?

    The comments received will be reviewed following the exhibition period. The draft Strategy will be updated to address matters raised that are determined to better serve the interests of the community as a whole. Council will consider the final draft Strategy for adoption at a council meeting. Everyone who has made a submission will be notified prior to the Council meeting.