What is Inner West Council’s role in achieving gender equity?

    Council recognises its responsibility to advance gender equity among our community and to challenge gender stereotypes and power imbalances at structural, cultural and individual levels. We should consider the impacts of gender equality in all of Council’s planning, policy, strategies, service delivery and practice 

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    How was the draft Gender Equity Strategy developed?

    In August 2020, Council endorsed the development of a gender equity strategy to ensure it works to address gender inequality, a key driver of domestic and family violence. 

    The development of the Gender Equity Strategy has been undertaken in consultation with upwards of 100 Inner West Council internal stakeholders from various business units and external stakeholders including– Inner West Domestic Violence Liaison Committee (36 agencies – government and non-government), Inner West Council Domestic Family Violence Reference Group (seven domestic and family violence specialists) and Peak Bodies (i.e. ACON, DVNSW, LGNSW). 

    Now, the wider community can have their say. 

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