Can this project improve congestion and delays at Victoria Road?

    Traffic delays can be experienced in the morning peak in a number of key streets exiting the Balmain Peninsula. Due to additional factors such as COVID-19, school zone times and WestConnex works, these may contribute to longer waiting times at Victoria Road. As the signals primarily give priority to the majority citybound traffic flow during the peak hours, there is limited green time for traffic to and from Balmain. Whilst traffic signals are managed by Transport for NSW, Council can advocate for improved access and examine other ways to assist traffic flow.

    Can the project examine separated bicycle paths and other bicycle infrastructure?

    The project will examine existing bicycle infrastructure and the bicycle routes in the study area. Due to the limited road space a separated bike path may not be feasible. Council will examine where there are opportunities for bicycle infrastructure improvements and ensure proposed traffic facilities can be comfortably used by bicycle riders.

    Will I get an individual response?

    Due to the high volume of responses we get to these studies, it isn't possible to provide individualised responses. However, the Engagement Outcomes Report will include a summary of key issues raised by the community and, where appropriate, officer responses to the key themes.