What is a Voluntary Planning Agreement?

    Voluntary planning agreements (VPAs) are arrangements between developers and either councils or the State Government for infrastructure contributions collected for purposes not covered by a contributions plan. Section 7.4 of the EP&A Act allows councils and developers to voluntarily agree to a contribution arrangement. Examples of this could include a developer paying an additional contribution in relation to a change to a planning instrument or contributing infrastructure that was not anticipated at the time the contributions plan was developed. Contributions collected under a VPA do not have to demonstrate the same direct support for the infrastructure needs associated with the development as those collected under a contributions plan, although they must be related to the development in some way.

    Development application history

    The Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel (SECPP) considered the Development Application on the 10 September 2020 and issued a deferred commencement consent subject to conditions. The deferred commencement conditions addressed numerous items including the public exhibition of the VPA.

    The following has been approved: Development Application - Mixed use development on the abovementioned properties generally known as the "Balmain Leagues Club" site, comprising: 

    • Demolition of existing buildings; bulk excavation and remediation of the site
    • Two basement levels comprising a total of 275 spaces with Basement one accessible via Victoria Road and Basement two accessible via Waterloo Street
    • Three public laneway connections to Victoria Road, Waterloo Street and Darling Street; public town square towards centre of development; three buildings along Victoria Road between 11-12 storeys in height with residential accommodation to the upper levels and retail, commercial, food & beverage, a supermarket and Balmain Leagues Club to the lower levels
    • Reinstate existing facade to 697 Darling Street with specialty retail behind; and two-3 storey built forms on Waterloo Street accommodating additional food & beverage and retail, live/work spaces and affordable housing
    • Residential accommodation for 173 units.