What streets are involved in this study?

    Cooper street

    Hart Street

    Garrard Lane

    Darling Street

    Jubilee Place

    The Avenue

    Killeen Street

    Ternen Street

    Datchett Street

    Duke Street

    Duke Place

    Gilchrist Place

    Union Street

    Vernon Street

    Little Nicholson Street

    Hosking Street

    Johnston Street

    William Street

    Little Edward Street

    Edward Street

    St Marys Street

    Person Street

    Paul Street

    Weston Street

    James Lane

    Gallimore Avenue

    Lookes Avenue

    Brett Avenue

    School Street

    Clifton Street

    Simmons Street

    Nicholson Street

    What is a parking strategy?

    A parking strategies inform the development of parking infrastructure and provide a basis for  parking permit schemes. 

    How are parking strategies developed?

    Parking strategies are developed for predetermined areas. The first step is to collect data. The data comprises of local knowledge. This is where feedback from the local community is crucial to help us understand what the issues are and what the possible solutions may be. We also need statistical information  which is collected though onsite parking surveys. The onsite surveys capture the numbers of cars parked at a specified location at specific times  and the frequency of movement.  

    The information from community feedback and onsite surveys is analysed and a draft strategy is developed to help manage local parking issues. 

    Once adopted the draft strategy is implemented. This may include new local resident parking. 

    What is a parking hierarchy?

    Parking hierarchy is a set of guidelines intended to guide Council to make decisions about the design of on-street parking restrictions and the use of kerb-side space. In the various land-use categories, the guidelines identify which user groups the Council should cater for first or as a higher priority.

    What is the difference between the Public Domain Parking policy and a parking strategy

    The Inner West Public Domain Parking policy provides governing framework for the investigation, development, implementation and ongoing management of parking schemes and controls in the public domain including on street and in Council managed carparks. 

    Parking strategy is a specific plan for a local area, developed from information collected from the local community and from on onsite surveys that capture number of cars parked in the area at different times and the movement cars.